I am trying to lose weight but I don’t know if meal preparation services are right for me?

The problem of obesity boils down to 2 issues. Diet and exercise. What most people don’t know is that their diet is over 70% of the reason they are unable to lose weight. Studies have shown that a better diet will not only allow you to lose weight, but it will also give you more energy so that you’re able to exercise more effectively. If you’re serious about weight loss, building lean muscle, or simply eating healthier, give us a try.

How can meal preparation services benefit me?

1 . We choose a delicious menu for you so that you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to cook. 

2 . No washing dishes! Our meals come in reusable, recyclable, BPA-free containers. 

3 . In over 85% of cases, we have successfully helped individuals save both time and $$ when comparing how much they pay to eat out. Not to mention, we have so many options!

I want to try Healthy Chew, How do I get the meals?

Here at Healthy Chew, we have 3 ways to get food.

1 . Our most popular is our weekly ordering customers. They place their orders online anytime Monday – Thursday. You can have them delivered or pick them up during business hours.

2 . We have a grab n go cooler at our store. As we service our weekly clients, we sometimes have extra meals that we sell to the people who haven’t settled on our weekly options.

If you’re on the fence, feel free to call 501-904-5111 and see if we have any in stock.

How do I know what meal plan to join?

If you’re struggling to find out what plan is right if you, you can come visit us during business hours at our retail location, or you can give us a call at (501) 904-5111 and we will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect plan for your lifestyle.

What are the benefits of becoming a Healthy Chew Member?

10% off the following at Healthy Chew Kitchen:

Gourmet Menu, Kids Menu, Meal Blocks, Body Building, Vegan Donuts, Meal Prep Classes and Grab n’ Go’s. 

Exclusive access to partnership discounts including:

Member prices for all services at Float Spa, 5% off select products at 5 Star Nutrition, 1 FREE class at PV Church of Christ FLC center, 20% off basic membership at W.O.W Fitness, 20% off memberships at Anytime Fitness (Select Locations), 1 FREE class at Club Fit, 1 day FREE at Orange Theory and more!

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