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What is Healthy Chew 

Healthy Chew is a weekly Meal preparation service based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Our motto: Eat Great/Lose Weight!


Founded in 2015, we have spent the last few years helping countless individuals reach their health and fitness goals through the power of meal prep.


With a variety of plans, we can help you lose weight, build lean muscle, bulk up, or simply eat healthier without the hassle. 

What separates us from other businesses is that we put the customer first. We have always given the best customer service in the state. 


Crazy enough, our food also tastes amazing too. We don’t cut costs when it comes to our delicious food. We use high quality ingredients and industry standard equipment to prepare and produce each and every item weekly. 

TJ Clark – CEO / Owner


TJ was originally hired to be a dishwasher. He was so good at washing dishes that he was promoted to waffle maker the next week. A few months later, he unofficially held the Chief Executive Officer position. He currently oversees operations, quality control, and marketing. 


When he’s not working, you’ll either find him in the gym, browsing reddit, or sleeping. He’s constantly trying to improve himself and those around him. He has taken healthy chew from a 2 man team selling 300 bowls a week, to a gender diverse 14+ team, selling over 8,000 plates per month. 

Peter Nguyen – President / Founder / Owner


Peter, more popularly knows as “Chef Pete” is the founder and president of Healthy Chew. He is a serial entrepreneur that can’t sit still. He created the company from scratch with the simple idea to help people lose weight. He grew up in a commercial kitchen environment, so he understood how to create a delicious meal. 


Peter took this knowledge and put it to use, helping the people of central Arkansas lose over 5,000lbs. He created every one of healthy chew’s recipes and takes pride in knowing his meals are enjoyed by thousands of people every year.  

Whitney Tucker – General Manager


Whitney was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. After graduating at the top of her class as Senior Class President, she left home to pursue her dreams as a business executive. She is currently on track to earning her degree in business management. She is using her extensive background in sales and business to help Healthy Chew become the #1 meal preparation service in Arkansas. 


 When she is not working or in class, Whitney enjoys playing with her pug, attending local events, and taking classes at Arkansas Art Center. 

Colton Schott – Executive Chef


Colton is a Little Rock native. He has years of culinary experience from the fine dining to quick service. He plans to receive his Certified Executive Chef Certificate in the near future to help him with his dreams of running his own kitchen. During that time, Colton enjoys using his vast experience to bring flavor and locally-inspired culture to the food at Healthy Chew. 


In his free time, Colton enjoys spending time with his pug, playing video games, and preparing 5 star quality meals for his friends and family. 

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